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Shot blasting machine motor failure analysis

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1 shot blasting machine performance
Shot blasting machine electric actuators can operate reliably , whether in the specified time under specified conditions and complete the required function , the key lies in its performance. Performance indicators are generally the average uptime MTBF to indicate that it contains the basic error , hysteresis , damping, dead zone and other parameters. These parameters are to some extent reflects the blasting machine electric actuator performance quality .

Key performance indicators and current problems
This kind of shot blasting machine electric actuator on technical parameters : Input channel number is 1 , the resistance is 250Ω, the basic error of 1% , 1.5%, hysteresis , deadband of 0.5% to 3% of the adjustable damping characteristics without disturbance . While this shot blasting machine electric actuator certain technical parameters can be compared with foreign counterparts , but due to the domestic producers of non- perfect operation mechanism constraints , there are also the following drawbacks:
( 1 ) neglect of shot blasting machine basic technology research and development ;
( 2 ) shot blasting machine is not high quality generic components ;
( 3 ) business-to- shot blasting machine production quality control is lax.
(2) Failure Analysis
( A ) the initial run shot blasting machine
Belong to the early running in period . During failures is more complex , the causes of many, such as selection problems , design and manufacturing problems or installation and environmental issues . If the torque is too small then the election might affect their adjustable speed or even impossible to regulate .
There are several practical applications : the design did not pay attention when the actuator rod and securely connected , appear off phenomenon ; installation of the power lines and signal lines with a threading pipe , causing signal interference large ; near unshielded large electrical equipment, the stable operation of the motor impact ; position locator insurance selection too , causing its internal choke coil failures . For these problems , must be timely observation, timely detection and treatment, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.
( 2 ) Run interim
Shot blasting machine running mid- blasting machine 's overall performance electric actuator is also transferred from the run-in period adaptation period , when performance was more stable. Problems are mostly individual electronic components quality problems . Such as the location current converter TAM2, intermediate contactor K1, K2, over torque micro switch and so on.
( 3 ) Run the post-
Into operation late components of aging issues and transmission parts wear problems start to become extremely serious, such as reduced motor coil insulation caused by aging , run instability ; motor lubrication so bad running stability decreased ; locator comparison coil aging or current transformer aging location positioning accuracy down ; reducer transmission parts wear lead shot blaster machine electric mechanism can not be adjusted and so on. For these problems, should be checked regularly to prevent major failures . Of course, in all of the error factor , there is also the actual operation of human stampede , craft baffle stuck, craft misuse and other reasons .
( 4 ) Maintenance
Shot blasting machine maintenance personnel from the practical experience of starting , shot blasting machine electric actuator maintenance should be used in accordance with its different periods , to take a different focus safeguard measures, we usually do the following:
1 ; regular lubrication : shot blasting machine electric actuator motor and transmission components need to use oil to lubricate and lubricating oil viscosity changes with another . Viscosity is too low , the wear of gears and other transmission components increases; viscosity is too high , a malfunction . Therefore, regular lubricating can extend its life.
2 ; improve the operating environment : To ensure the blasting machine reliability of electric actuators , must ensure that it runs in a suitable environment to avoid the humid environment and other environmental factors cause short circuits or other faults.
3 ; periodic inspection : regular inspection , to detect the operation of the accidents , at least for a lookup failure factors help to avoid detours.
4 ; possible fault management accounting : treated every failure have to do detailed records, including failure phenomena, failure analysis and discovery process , failure causes, treatment methods , prevention measures. This will not only deal with similar problems in the future provide a reference value, but also through the fault curve factors raise the level of troubleshooting to achieve a multiplier effect.