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Part of shot blasting machine

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Shot blasting machine is to use a high-speed projectile thrown Blasting cleaning or strengthen the casting surface of the casting machinery. Shot function while casting off the sand, in addition to the core and cleaned after use pills mixed with a large number of old (waste) sand, be equipped with high efficiency pill sand separator.

Shot blasting machine is mainly composed of four parts. Blasting generally use high-speed rotation of the impeller will projectiles at high centrifugal force projectile to a certain direction. In the course of their work, and some can be used for shot blasting angle of the swing or on the move. projectile collection, separation and transportation systems. the casting during cleanup continuous operation and flipped carrier. dust removal system. Shot blasting machine according to the structure of the casting is divided into different carrier roller, chain plate, rotary, car type, squirrel cage and hanging, etc.; press working system can be divided into intermittent and continuous. Roller and chain plate shot blasting machine is suitable for small to medium sized castings cleaning afraid of a collision. Drum type shot blasting machine by the guide cylinder body spiral ribs, the casting flip and run forward. Chain plate shot blasting machine movement through the chain plate, flip the casting and running. Rotary, car type and hanging type shot blasting machine for cleaning medium and large castings, usually have fixed Blasting Room was clean castings shot swing or move indoors. Shot Blasting chamber generally equipped with several, installed in a different location on the projectile projectile from different directions in order to improve the quality of cleaning efficiency and clean. Hanging type shot blasting machine can be cleaned according to the needs of castings in the catenary configuration on several hooks, cleanup casting hanging on a hook in their own flip while running forward. Casting shot outdoors in handling, cleaning indoors.