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Shot blasting equipment, technical selection program

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As we all know , shot blasting equipment was originally defined as casting machinery , widely used for surface roughening , deburring, matting , materials, textures and enhanced exposure to a variety of operations. Necessary step, the ultimate achievement of the efficiency and effectiveness of surface treatment , choice is very important.

How to choose the cast shot blasting equipment manufacturers , in addition to considering the manufacturer's working conditions and materials , the selection of professional shot blasting machine manufacturers, such as shot blasting equipment and reliable quality , service and more perfect, to avoid the production process Some unwanted effects , so how to choose the superior performance of shot blasting equipment and wear parts need to be replaced every casting enterprises is of great concern .

Currently Abrator equipment needs replacing wear parts are mainly two kinds of production methods , casting and sand casting , including casting wear parts, the casting process is more accurate , longer life. Domestic production of wear parts manufacturers although more, but the use of advanced sol - silicate composite lost wax casting , investment casting method to produce high-quality wear-resistant parts of only a few manufacturers.

Shandong Kai Tai Machinery Co., Ltd. has specialized blasting their precision casting branches, of which blades using simple directional solidification casting process and improved heat treatment process is grinding carbide aligned perpendicular to reduce the amount of residual austenite , eliminating the shrinkage defects , increased density, so that life can reach more than 1000 hours . All blades after casting undergo stringent rest polished by weighing scales pairing , so its impact is very small bias , each blade weight difference ≤ 5g. Fully enclosed scale directional disc sets , you can easily adjust the angle and throw projectile direction , the choice of high chromium cast iron excel specialty . Facing Blasting dual disc impeller , good stability, ejections are concentrated , uniform blasting , shot blasting than can be good, but also has a good shot balancing nature . Curved blades Impeller introduction of foreign technology , shot speed, high efficiency, large area with projectiles , projectile clean uniform . The company's nano- particle reinforced composite WCTIC high chromium cast iron wear parts Blasting composite key preparation process and technology to fill the gap , comprehensive level of the leading domestic .

At present, Shandong Kai Tai production of various types of shot blasting equipment and accessories have been widely used for wear- and medium-sized foundries and other industries , there have been old customer feedback Shandong Kaitai production shot blasting equipment to meet production needs , long life cycle and wear parts , replacement requires a relatively short time , saving time and increasing productivity.

In the modern casting production line, surface treatment processes without highly efficient shot blasting equipment, shot blasting equipment performance which directly affect the normal production of foundry enterprises and economic benefits , however , China's current level of shot blasting equipment manufacturing enterprises uneven , and some manufacturers cheating , casting enterprises should choose carefully , so as not to be deceived , resulting in unnecessary losses.