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Use what precautions shot blasting machine

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Shot blasting machine was first used in casting, forging parts, etc., etc. sticky sand and oxide removal. Is the use of high-speed rotation of the impeller speed of the balls hit the sand thrown out of parts of the surface, to the surface processing.
1, the operation of the device strictly enforced Capacity posts and training posts, familiar with the aircraft performance and features.
2, familiar with the blasting machine manual operation process, use, maintenance and repairs.
3, the operator must check the control cabinet (panel) all kinds of switch is in the desired setting position (including the power switch) and then to boot, in order to avoid malfunction, damage electrical and mechanical equipment, resulting in equipment accident.
4, non-native operating personnel are not free to operate or touch electrical switches control area, and not near the work area of the machine, to avoid accidents.
5, the operator must wear protective clothing, glasses and so on.
6, the operator switched particular attention to all kinds of instrument instruction panel until the meter indicates all reached the normal value, in order to operate a small crane (roller) into the working process. If found to have a greater individual instrument instruction error when (not normal) an immediate shutdown. Check the equipment failure to boot after work.
7, equipment operation, the operator of the equipment must be inspected Check for unusual noise and various parts of overheating. Operation of the equipment is found serious fault, that press the "stop" button to shut down for repairs, with professionals to troubleshoot the device.
8, the operator must press on this device "Device Manager" for routine maintenance and weekly maintenance (including lubrication). Weekly clean up precipitator dust and debris, so as not to affect the dust mass, ensure that the equipment intact rate.
9, the operator must be civilized production and strict implementation of safe production simultaneously shift system.
10, work is over, immediately turn the power switch is turned off, so as not to allow the device is in operation. And clean up the good work space.