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Shot blasting machine for industry

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Here to explain blasting machine suitable for use in any industry

1 foundry industry : general foundry casting production enterprises need polishing, and shot blasting machine is used in this area of professional machinery. His work depending on the different models used , and will not damage the casting of the original appearance and performance .

2 die industry : In general , the mold was cast in more and more , while the mold itself requires smooth, shot blasting machine can be polished according to different requirements , and do not damage the mold of the original appearance and performance.

3 Steel : steel production of steel , steel plate, there are many glitches when freshly baked , will affect the quality of steel and sell . Use through type shot blasting machine can deal with these issues so that these problems be solved ;

4 Shipyard : Shipyard has used steel rust , it will affect the quality of shipbuilding , not artificial addition to embroidery , so the workload will be great, which requires the machine to remove rust , in order to ensure the quality of shipbuilding , through the use of series type can be resolved ;

5 car manufacturers : According automobile factory work requirements , the use of steel, some of the castings are needed polished , but not damage the strength of steel , the original appearance, casting to ensure clean and beautiful appearance . Because , automotive parts are not very regular , it would require a different polishing machine to complete. Requires the use of shot blasting machine are: drum , rotary , crawler , through type shot blasting machines, different mechanical handling different parts ;

6 metal factory, electroplating factory : As hardware factory and electroplating plants are required surface clean , smooth, shot blasting machine can solve these problems. Hardware Factory workpiece is small, suitable for use with drum-type shot blasting machine and crawler type shot blasting machine , according to the circumstances. If the clean-up work electroplating factory smaller volume is large, can be used crawler shot blasting machine , in addition to complete workpiece embroidered polishing ;

7 Motorcycle Factory : Due to small parts motorcycle accessories suitable for use drum type shot blasting machine , if , there is a great amount of time , the use of hook type or crawler is OK ;

8 Valve Factory : As the valve parts are casting plant , need to be polished in order to achieve clean , smooth, flat , which requires blast cleaning machine to clean up these impurities. Available equipment: Rotary , hook type shot blasting machine .

9 Bearing Factory : bearings are pressed by the mold , the surface is smooth , but sometimes there are some impurities or glitches , which also needs to be cleaned , then blast cleaning machine comes in handy .

10 steel construction companies : steel before use rust treatment must be carried out in order to meet the state 's structural requirements , through shot blasting machine with automatic cleanup , no human rust, but also reduce environmental pollution pickling problem .