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Optional castings Abrator

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Casting cleaning purposes for any one foundry production processes are necessary one . Therefore, casting cleaning machines in the industrial production is especially important . Type of casting such as size , shape, weight, and production speed , capacity requirements affect the choice of shot blasting machine . In addition , the downstream production, such as castings end-user views will also affect the foundry of choice for shot blasting machine .

Select the casting temperature is the first element to consider cleaning machine . Shot blasting castings ideal temperature should be close to the ambient temperature , but each foundry cooling time varies, so casting into the blasting chamber temperature varies widely. So cleaning machine in the design, production should take into account the user the highest possible temperature , assuming that customers need for such extreme high temperature casting cleaning , cleaning machine design must meet this requirement, so that it can reduce future maintenance , downtime and other including operational safety risks and other issues .

High-temperature cleaning machine maintenance will be made ​​on special request . Hot parts of the machine combined with thermal heat abrasive for cleaning machine maintenance and operational safety are a challenge. In this production , the cleaning machine bearing lubrication , conveyor design, consumable material, ventilation and control systems often need to be replaced . Chains and other non- combustible material replaces the rubber seal , curtain and tracked . Therefore, the high-temperature casting will affect the choice of shot blasting machines , the appropriate and efficient cleaning machine to meet clean , safe production and reduce maintenance requirements.

For sand casting, mostly through sand shakeout This process is removed. Therefore, you need to design blast cleaning machine with a special recovery system to handle a large number produced during blasting sand material , followed by magnetic separation machine cleaning or winnowing splitter waste sand and round steel shot abrasive sieving open .

If you choose cleaning machine winnowing separator , you need to rely on a double air blown devices , and with a secondary magnetic / winnowing designs. But the choice of hot sand casting cleaning machine , we must carefully choose the separator, because the heat will reduce the effect of magnetic separation .

Such as dealing with solid casting mold , to improve clean-up coverage to ensure that all surfaces of the workpiece are clean , the mold is usually placed on a table or rotary hook basket, and then fed into the blast chamber , while rotating , clean edges blasting .

If the blasting vibration shakeout before , you usually use a cleaning machine supporting the vibrating device or rollers . Tumble off the sand , using roll media , can reduce sand attached to the casting surface , easy to clean up the next shot .
Before selecting cleaning machine , foundries and equipment manufacturers must fully understand the characteristics of castings , parameters, processes and cleanup requirements , so as to determine the most effective and most suitable casting cleaning machine . Previous article describes the process for cleaning machine casting upstream influence , let's take a look at the selection of cleanup categories of casting cleaning machine .

Cleanup different categories , corresponding cleaning machine is not the same . Such as batch type or continuous -through , or that a single one cleanup. General batch type cleaning machine models include crawler , hook type , rotary blast cleaning machine , its advantage lies in the casting shot time can be different according to the different structure, shape , size adjustment , enabling one-time clean-up.

Crawler shot blasting machine is a high efficiency batch cleaning machine , castings can be side roll edge is clean and does not damage parts. Automatic , cutting further improve capacity. Rotating hook type shot blasting machine suitable for cleaning or wearing thin , fragile parts . Rotary blast cleaning machine for large castings or those that can not be tumbling, hook / chain can not load-bearing or not easily fixed on the workpiece .

High requirements for foundry production , usually select continuous cleaning machine, including continuous crawler , continuous roller, vibrating through the tunnel and belt type shot blasting machine . For most consecutive clean-up operations , especially to clean a variety of different customer structure and size castings, cleaning machine conveyor system to determine the size and Blasting Room capacity is very important, which can minimize the need for rework . Continuous shot blasting machine size must be determined according to the customer to clean up the heaviest weight of the workpiece , the casting volume and average hourly amount of tonnage through .

Select either continuous or batch -type shot blasting machine , casting density is another important considerations , some of the cleaning machine is designed to clean up a special kind of type casting , such as cleaning up the cylinder block , cylinder head manipulator Automatic shot blasting machine, shot blasting machine manually clean up the ramp with brake drum type shot blasting machine , cleaning casting wheel rotating roller shot blasting machine , cleaning cylinder block, cylinder head and walked with automatic nozzle beam and roller cleaning machine . Hanging Abrator is a combination of two kinds of batch type and workpiece via shipping method , suitable for a variety of castings , high-volume cleaning requirements.