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Q3210 (self-discharge) Crawler shot blasting machine
How it works: the workpiece into the rubber track roller, the operator presses the "Run" button, the Blasting Room door pneumatic Close, shot blasting began running forward, crawler workpiece constantly tumbling, efficient and powerful shot blasting willthe the shot blasting high-speed projectiles are rolling on the surface of the workpiece, the workpiece can be cleaned up completely evenly. Steel shot slipped on the crawler hole into the screw conveyor, and then transport the steel shot to the bucket elevator, bucket elevator upgrade to the separator is separated storage stand. After the shot blasting, shot blasting chamber door automatically opens, crawler reverse unloading the workpiece.

Applications: die castings, precision castings, precision forgings, such as cleaning, light decoration. Removal of heat-treated parts, castings, forgings surface oxide. The strengthening of the spring. Fasteners rust and pre-treatment.
A reference to domestic manufacturing shot blasting machine in Germany late 1990s.
Using efficient direct linking strong shot blasting, high transfer efficiency, blasting volume.
3, efficient wind election separator the the pill sand separation rate is greater than 99%.
Projectile covering uniform, free shot blasting dead ends.
5, long service life of the wear parts replacement quickly.
6, and the equipment and low noise operation.