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Product Details
The Q3210C Crawler shot blasting machine
The Q3210C Crawler shot blasting machine suitable for castings, forgings, metal pieces, shot blasting, especially suitable for the fear of collision parts cleaning, Crawler shot blasting machine can be used stand-alone, can also accessories. Shot device can increase or decrease according to the workpiece characteristics, the use of high-speed rotation of the impeller, to achieve the purpose of cleaning up the body of the projectile thrown room workpiece workpiece completely cleaned. It is suitable for small castings, forgings, stampings, gears, springs and other parts of sand, rust, the descaling and surface hardening, especially suitable for the clean-up and strengthening of the fear of collision parts.
Equipment Benefits
Native home and abroad, is a good cleaning effect, compact structure, low noise, cleaning equipment, has the following characteristics:
1, the machine uses a cantilever centrifugal blast wheel, has a long service life, simple structure and other characteristics;
2, the projectile speed of 80 m / s, suitable for the clean up of a variety of materials, with a good cleaning effect.
3, pulleys advanced quick change of structure, help to improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity.
4, using the BE-type separator having a good separation effect, and high productivity, and increase blade life have a positive effect;
5, the use of the baghouse dust emission concentration is lower than the national standard to improve the working environment of the workers;
Equipment components; This machine is mainly from the cleaning chamber, shot blasting assembly, hoist, separator, dust removal system; electrical system parts
It works: in the cleaning chamber with a specified number of workpiece, the machine starts, the the blast wheel high-speed projectile thrown flow pills beam is formed evenly against the surface of the workpiece, so as to achieve the clean-up, and strengthen the purpose. Throw a projectile and sand inflow hoist Lifting to the separator for separation. Dust suction supplied by the fan precipitator filtered, the clean air is discharged into the atmosphere, the dust bag on the dust box at the bottom of the precipitator by mechanical rapping fall, the user can periodically clear sand waste from the waste pipe outflow, the user can reuse. Tube to recover the shot sand mixture back into the chamber body, to be separated after separation and reuse clean projectile by the solenoid for pill gate into the the blast wheel throwing wage pieces.