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Crawler shot blasting machine
Tracked shot blasting machine for castings and forgings according to user requirements and design a new special shot blasting equipment, small round spring, bearings and other clean-up of the workpiece strengthening. The greater the amount of this equipment shot blasting, better sealing, cleaning effect, the production efficiency and the effect of dust have been greatly improved, the chamber body the rolling the Mn13 chamber body guard, single-shift production life of up to 10 years. As Shot Blasting strengthen, not only can remove the workpiece surface rust, scale, sand casting, the workpiece can also reduce stress, improve the fatigue strength of workpiece. The machine can be used in stand-alone applications or wiring, higher cleaning efficiency.
Crawler shot blasting machine in peacetime operations to note:
A native operating personnel who must have a comprehensive understanding of the manual as well as the performance of the works and methods of operation, lubrication, and can only operate;
The projectile (200kg) have joined the chamber body, and then into the workpiece, close the feed door, ready to drive; shot blasting machine
3 start precipitator fan;
4 turn button start: hoist, shot blasting for the pill's gate and began clean-up work. After cleaning, turn the button off: pill for gates, shot blasting, hoist precipitator fan motor cleaning and then start rapping, rapping after a certain period of time to stop;
5 shot blasting is completely stopped, open the feeding door, hanging out of the tooling and the workpiece.
6 In case of emergency, press the emergency stop button, the machine immediately stop all work;
7 All work is completed, it should promptly close the precipitator;
Ventilation and dust removal system, equipped with two butterfly valves, two butterfly valves adjusted according to the situation, good separation can be obtained;
9 blast wheel directional sets of adjustments: the directed sets the adjustment can be with reference to the schematic diagram shown in Figure adjustment projectile diffusion angle increases due to directional liner wear during use, causing the guard shot blasting and clean room wear accelerated. The orientation sleeve wear more than 10 mm should be replaced with new sets of orientation (opening direction with an angle of 45 ° horizontal lines).
10 should be regularly cleared the the dust precipitator dust box below, to prevent blocking dust exhaust pipe, impact dust effects;
11 should always clean the screen under the debris in the bottom of the cleaning chamber and separator funnel;
12 should be kept clean equipment around the projectile, to prevent slipping wounding;
Should always check the track hoist the belt whether the deviation in the cleaning chamber 13, so as not to damage the belt;
14 prohibit open blast wheel did not completely stop feeding door, to prevent any accidents.