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Catenary Abrator
Q58 series piled and released type shot blasting machine company researchers based on the development needs of the cleaning equipment market, the introduction of digestion and absorption of advanced technology in the United States to design efficient shot blasting equipment with the most popular contemporary, the machine has the following characteristics:1 shot blasting is an important component of the equipment, using the cantilever centrifugal energy efficient blast wheel, thrown projectile wire-speed, blasting volume, blade replacement quick, convenient maintenance, saving the cost of spare parts than the old-fashioned ordinary shot blasting60% energy saving of 70% .2 hook device, chain walking system, workpiece rotation structure of three parts, stable performance, reliable quality. 3, the aircraft once the two hook into the cleaning chamber, close the door from time to time, to throw a projectile on the working parts, the workpiece is automatically rotated for 2-3 minutes, workpiece cleared automatically open the back door, 2 hook automatic discharge device. 2 hook equipment to accept the next shot blasting. 4, the use of the the full curtain pill sand separator, and greatly improve the quality of the separation, separation efficiency and quantity of shot blasting chamber shell ejections area chamber top, bottom, all with wear-resistant steel guard protection. The machine is suitable for a variety of bulk casting, forgings, structural parts and aluminum alloy surface cleaning to remove the sticky sand on the surface oxide layer, also on the crankshaft, connecting rod, gearbox, valves workpiece surface shot blasting enhanced treatment, is the the preferred ideal equipment of locomotives, vehicles, plant and machinery manufacturing.