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Steel plate steel shot blasting machine
Steel pretreatment line process refers to the steel surface (ie state) of raw materials before processing shot blasting and coated with a layer of protective primer process. Steel after pretreatment can improve the corrosion resistance of mechanical products and metal components to improve the fatigue resistance of the steel plate, extending its life; also can optimize the fabrication of the steel surface state is conducive to the CNC cutting machine cutting and precision blanking. In addition, regular shape, due to the processing of steel, it is conducive to the mechanical the rust and automation painting, so steel pretreatment can greatly improve the efficiency of the clean-up work, reduce the labor intensity of the clean-up work and environmental pollution.
In recent years, thanks to the programmable controller, the degree of automation equipment heavy a greater degree of improvement.
Workpiece conveyor system workpiece conveyor system frequency stepless speed, Industry both synchronous operation, but also independent action
2 Blasting Room roller conveyor equipped with a special material wear-resistant jacket
3 plate chain conveyor "V" shaped structure, after painting steel plate short-term contact, in order to avoid the destruction of the paint film. Shot Blasting a workpiece height measurement using a photoelectric switch and brake motors, outdoors in the blast, anti-dust interference.
4 workpiece the width measuring devices, the number of gates open automatically adjust for pill
5 advanced cantilever centrifugal blasting, shot blasting is arranged through computer simulation. Projectile to avoid the roller the workpiece covering uniform. The projectile cleaning roller sweep, side-scan and high-pressure blower purge pill purify a full curtain winnowing separator material circulation,
6 dedicated polyester cores hoist transmission belt
Gas control projectile controller
8 projectile circulatory system power point located fault alarm function Shot dust removal system selection whirlwind bag integrated pulse cartridge dust precipitator dust emissions reach the national standard spray booth a high-pressure airless spray pump, a spare
9 using standard linear guide rail support car, car trip both ends of the frequency conversion buffer
Separated set 10 the workpiece detection and transmission mechanism with the gun, no paint mist interference, easy to clean up paint dirt drying room can be a variety of media heater (or burner), hot air circulation, so that the heat can be fully utilized.
The 11 drying room temperature 40 to 70 degrees the adjustable the mist filter device and harmful gas purification device advanced mist filter cotton filter paint mist
12 using activated carbon adsorption harmful gases electrical control system 1 PLC control, PC (microcomputer) dynamic simulation monitoring
13 circulatory system failure alarm function
14 wearing parts accumulated timing function