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Steel Abrator
he ML series Abrator a clean H steel, steel, truss, steel multifunction steel shot blasting pretreatment equipment. Blast wheel arrangement in the form of

Point of view, the choice of advanced and efficient blast wheel ejections intensive high-speed projectile beam crack down on various parts of the workpiece in the original state three-dimensional, full-

Orientation of the clean-up, so that the workpiece surface rust layer, welding slag, oxide skin and other dirt quickly fall off, get a smooth surface with certain roughness

To improve the adhesion of the film with the steel surface, and improve the ability of anti-fatigue and anti-corrosion of the workpiece to improve the intrinsic quality of the workpiece, extending its life.

The following commitments to elaborate on the technical parameters of the machine structure and working principle, design features, and after-sales service and installation, commissioning, acceptance matters,

Kindly consideration.

Of steel structure Abrator structure and working principle

The machine is mainly transported by the clean-up room, indoor roller out of the conveying roller, shot blasting, shot circulatory system (including hoists, separator aspect Lo

Rotary feeder for pill pipeline), purge institutions, dust, electrical control features).

• The principle of this machine for the continuous operation of the continuous feeding of high-functioning cleaning machine VVVF electrical control during cleanup conveyor roller steel structure

Pieces or steel, steel plate sent to the the body projectile area when the cleaning machine room, its whole body surface by blasting device from eight different coordinate orientation and intensive projectile

Combat friction, oxidation rust layer on it and dirt off quickly, the steel surface to obtain a smooth surface with certain roughness. Fall into the steel on

Surface projectile with rust dust recovered screw conveyor to the projectile circulatory system, handling the workpiece on both sides of the clean-up outdoor roller. Clean-up process, scattered down the pill

The dust mixture through the chamber body funnel together in aspect to the screw conveyor the lower hoist mention to rise to the upper part of the machine separator, the separation of pure bomb

Pills fall into the hopper of the separator, the for Shot recycling. Shot blasting dust from the exhaust pipe to send to the dust removal system, purification of net gas row

Into the atmosphere; particulate dust, from the extraction pipe is sent to the dust removal system, the clean gas after the purification treatment is discharged into the atmosphere, particulate dust is captured collected