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Product Details
900 Shuangqiang mobile sandblasting machine
Product Name: two guns mobile spray by end machine
Product description:
Shuangqiang mobile sandblasting machine
1) The operation and maintenance simple and easy to learn. Jet stable, fast processing.
2) easy to move, and high mobility.
3) stable sand, gas mixing means, so that the blasting is more stable and smooth.
4) low abrasive costs; the cheapest river sand or building sand.
5) After the hardening of the surface of the parts after the sandblasting (pill), can improve the wear resistance and fatigue strength of the parts.
6) The main components and long service life, and ease of maintenance.
Processing Scope:
1) Suitable for dry sandblasting (pill) processing.
2) applicable to shipbuilding, bridges, mines, machinery, oil pipeline, metallurgy, boiler, machine tools, railway, machinery manufacturing, water conservancy and other surface rust.
Technical parameters:
1) Dimensions: ¢ 910 × 1950 (H) mm
2) Shaguan-volume: 0.65m3
3) mounted sand volume: 0.58m3
4) Replace the sand Weight: 850Kg
5) blasting hose: inner diameter ¢ 25 mm x 10 meters (length) dedicated sandblasting hose
6) spray gun nozzle: 2 sets manually boron carbide gun, nozzle diameter: ¢ 8mm
7) nozzle Life: 650 hours
8) single gun cleaning speed: sandblasting 15 ~ 25 m2 / h
9) Processing Level: sa2.5
10) Weight: 420Kg
Compressed air source:
1) air supply pressure, displacement: 0.8MPa, air volume flow 3M3/min refers to the standard state (20 ℃, 101.325kPa)
2) working pressure: boot-reducing valve gauge pressure 0.5 ~ 0.7MPa
3) single gun air consumption: about 3M3/min (OK) under the pressure of compressed air.
4) coherent source connector dimensions: outer diameter ¢ 30mm
1) Type: Recommended use of corundum abrasive type, may also be used other abrasive quartz sand, glass beads, ceramic balls and Gangwan
2) particle size: 16 # ~ 120 #, steel shot is less than 0.8mm
3) dosage: If you are using corundum abrasive type, a fill plus the amount shall not be greater than 800kg (maximum abrasive volume 0.5M3)