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Product Details
Turntable automatic sandblasting machine
Product Name: rotary automatic sandblasting machine
A: This machine has a 8-12 gun, gun swinging VVVF each gun pressure were adjusted according to the processing requirements;
B: There are four stations, Dazhuanpan intermittent operation of small turntable rotation, gun horizontally, vertically, freely adjust the blasting time is set according to the sandblasting effect;
C: electrical Mitsubishi PLC programming control system, Delta converter, Chint electrical accessories;
D: automatic cylinder doors, automatic operation, high automation program, sandblasting effect, uniform, good stability;
E: blast working spaces, dust recovered by the pulse filter dust box or bag dust box (optional) Automatic sand recycling.
Mass production of a variety of circular, oval, square, irregular products processing, such as: rice cookers, wine bottles, a variety of the cup, lampshade, telephone housing, mobile phone casing and metal products.
The main technical parameters:
Host External dimensions: L1900 * W1600 * H2500 (mm)
The whole preparation:
Big Wheel motor: 1.5KW 1:100 380V
Small turntable motor: 400V 380V 1:20
Swing motor: 400V 380V 1:20
Cabin lighting: 220V 13W energy-saving lamps 2
Air pressure: 2 ~ 7bar (kg/cm2)
Total power: 380V 50-60HZ
Total power: 6.5KW

Dust ways: 1. Pulse filter automatic dust removal, bag manual removal.