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Single dial automatic sandblasting machine
Product Name: single dial automatic sandblasting machine
Product description:
Single dial automatic sandblasting machine Products
This equipment is confined within the circulating compartment sandblasting machine, Configuration Professional cyclone, the effective separation of abrasive dust, to ensure high quality and efficiency of product processing, abrasive consumption, while maximizing savings separate ventilation dust removal system, clean rooms spread dust to prevent dust pollution.
Work and processing efficiency
Work when first turned on compressed air source and the power, and then open the door, the workpiece stability in the dial fixture, the operation is extremely instant noodles. Then shut the door, press sandblasting button, automatically rotates the workpiece, the the gun automatically swing workpiece sandblasting, sandblasting time to time, the gun stopped work, blow guns working turntable stops rotating after 5 seconds, the buzzer The alarm prompts sandblasting is completed, manually open the door, remove the entire disk, the clamping the workpiece tooling plate put, reprocessed can.
Processing efficiency: approximately 40-50 pieces / hour (in of φ206mm the aluminum pieces reference)
The machine is suitable for aluminum castings and cylindrical like workpiece within φ100-400mm outer surface sandblasted to remove surface dirt, scratches, burrs and other debris, the surface reach Matte state.
Technical parameters:
Sandblasting host shell using 2mm cold rolled steel plate welded to the inside and outside surface spray, paste 2mm protection rubber inner surface Dimensions: 1100 (L) x 700 (W) x 1750 (H) mm.
4.2 workpiece rotating means
The the workpiece rotating means 400w gear reducer motor belt driven by the workpiece rotation, the uniform rotation of the workpiece, thereby ensuring the sandblasting effect of the workpiece.
4.3 gun and moving mechanism
The number of guns: 3. Nozzle material: boron carbide; nozzle diameter: Φ8mm.
The the gun swing mechanism by a 200w gear reducer motor through the eccentric disk drive gun to swing back and forth, so that the blast covering the surface of the workpiece, gun reciprocating speed and stroke can be adjusted to achieve the sandblasting uniform and improve work efficiency.
4.4 cyclone
2mm cold rolled steel plate welded structure. Abrasive and dust separation will continue for another use, the precipitator only sucked dust, sand material recycled to reduce abrasive consumption and improve power.