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6050E sandblasting machine
Product Name: 6050E sandblasting machine
Product description:
6050E sandblasting machine
Body size, appearance; superior performance, small footprint devices, safety and environmental protection. This series of machine self-contained, easy to operate, environmentally friendly cleaning. Equipped with automatic drying device. Innovative design, scientific structure; better processing performance, low energy consumption; automatically back to the sand, the The cyclone dust sand can be separated, combined with industry technology in the United States and Japan, fine sand separation privileged, to minimize abrasive wear and tear; The main components of high quality imported parts, long service life.
Suitable for electroplating, spray before treatment, to improve adhesion; various types of molds, castings, stampings, metal, non-metallic surfaces of the heat treatment, descaling, to the renovation of residue, rust, oil removal, old pieces; All ceramics , glass products, plastic products, light decoration, atomization; all metal products, glass, plastic crafts, jewelry, eyeglasses, watches, stainless steel cutlery and surface processing.
The main technical parameters:
Host Dimension: L600 * W950 * H1580
Studio cabin size: L600 * W500 * H500
Machine Net Weight: 210 kg
Separator motor: 220V 50HZ 250W
Machine lighting: 220V 13W energy-saving lamps
Separator Wind: 8.5m3/min
Working pressure: 2-7bar (kg/cm2)
On dust: dust bag box, pneumatic automatic / manual removal.
Gun Quantity: 1 (aluminum alloy with carbonation boron nozzle)
Machinable workpiece size: L400 * W300 * H150mm