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Cellular air force recovery type sandblasting room
1, eliminating the need for conventional sandblasting room sand conveyor circulatory system of the screw conveyor, bucket elevator and underground works, without the construction pit, saving the cost of foundation construction, significant savings in the cost of the project;
2, abrasive and high recovery rate, easy Qing change abrasive;
3, the main electrical components are imported products with stable performance, safe and reliable, long service life, easy maintenance;
4, sandblasting the atrioventricular vivo high clear visibility, the the chamber body naturally fill the air, saving energy consumption;
5, the machine uses two-stage dust removal, the first level cyclone, the second stage filter dust removal system, the total collection efficiency of up to 99.99%;
6, in front of the roof of the upper sandblasting room, equipped with a sound and light alarm system in a the sandblasting room equipped with emergency call button;
7, each system electronically controlled interlock control, when one system fails, the system stops working, stop spray gun;
8 Housing body building decoration design, the appearance of simple, beautiful, specification, good noise reduction effect, and easy to install.