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Large sandblasting room
The main features of the environment-friendly wind blasting room using cellular absorption sand floor technology, using the principle of pneumatic conveying, the use of air power sand material recovery, automatic sand and dust suction sent the Shachen sorting sorting through pipes, sorting out the useful abrasive automatically fall into the the sandblasting machine host (sandblasting pressure tank), into the circulation; sand sorting out broken material, patent leather, oxidation leather, dust and other unwanted debris into the dust collector automatically filter dust.

Cellular suction sand floor using pneumatic conveying, no longer need to use traditional mechanical conveyor belt blasting chamber, auger, the traditional rotary motion of the scraper pulley, chain and bucket elevator machinery, avoid transport sand material to enhance abrasive dust transport machinery, bearings, motor signs of wear, avoid heavy maintenance work. And install traditional sandblasting room without deep pit (Pit) do not even have to shorten the construction period, the infrastructure cost; generally require excavation of the blasting chamber body size a 2.5-3.5 m deep pit.

Wind sandblasting room sand material recovery and dust collection intake port all arrangements in cellular suction sand floors below, airflow and dust is always top-down, the dust has been suppressed in the lower part of the sandblasting room, so spray sand more than 0.5 meters of indoor space dust concentration is very low, very high visibility, better working environment; the traditional sandblasting room due to structural reasons, dusting mouth must be arranged at the top or side of the shot peening chamber, the flow of dust is a bottom-up or horizontal flow, sandblasting the shot peening indoor dust content is always high, low visibility and poor working conditions.

The entire cycle of the wind sandblasting room fully pneumatic, automatic, fully meet the requirements of environmental protection equipment during operation.

I on the basis of the introduction of foreign advanced suction sand floor, self-development, design environmentally friendly wind-blasting chamber design, according to the characteristics of the customer's product, sandblasting requirements. The wind suction sand floor sandblasting room is the use of wind turbines wind powered, the abrasive by back feed pipe suction to the cyclone separation, recycling last to enter the sandblasting system has the following advantages:

a, eliminating the need for conventional sandblasting room sand conveyor spiral circulatory system and belt conveyors, bucket elevators and underground works, without the construction pit, saving the cost of foundation construction, significant savings in the cost of the project;

b, abrasive and high recovery rate, easy to clear change abrasive. Can transport any sand grit and other materials;

c, the main electrical components are made of imported products, with stable performance, safety and reliability, long life and simple maintenance;

d, sandblasting chamber body clear visibility, the the chamber body naturally fill the air, saving energy consumption;