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Sandblasting room

   1. GSH-75J, GSH-95J type sandblasting machine with dust collector with one, save floor space, reduce dust pollution.
    2. GSH-66, GSH-97 dust collection bag configuration, small footprint.
    3. GSH-66J, GSH-97J dust collector configuration, for a long time processing, and can reduce the dust pollution.
    This model to siphon good sealing, easy replace the sand material the sand material automatically be recycled and used, simple operation and maintenance.
    5 window is made ​​of tempered glass, the inner surface with a layer of ordinary glass, a very clear line of sight, the replacement is very convenient.
    Native powder coating to achieve beautiful, durable use requirements.
    7 The machine can be divided into two kinds of positive door or side door, gun racks and can be retrofitted to use more flexible.
    8 sand material: alumina sand (corundum), silicon carbide (green silicon carbide, black silicon carbide), glass beads, walnut sand, resin sand, plastic pellets, the (nylon sand), ceramic beads, Fine steel ball , grit, stainless steel beads, aluminum beads.


     Suitable for wire cutting, sandblasting of small molds, general metal and non-metal surface cleaning, appearances, etching and other small and medium-sized workpieces.