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Product Details
DFSXX vibration-cartridge stand-alone dust collector
Product Description
Series DFSXX vibrating cartridge stand-alone dust collector, novel products, the introduction of foreign advanced dust collection technology, developed a small size, high efficiency dust situ dust removal unit. The main technical indicators have reached the advanced level, the majority of users.

The products are widely used in metal processing, tobacco, pharmaceutical industry, electric power, building materials, chemical, food, plastics, coal and other industries.
Selection of imported polyester filter filter material, breathable performance. They use long life, high collection efficiency, 1 micron filtration efficiency up to 99.99%.
Our strong technical force, according to the special needs of the user, the professional design and manufacture.

Normal operation
Dusty gas through the inlet into the unit, dust retention is collected in the surface of the cartridge, clean gas through the cartridge center to enter the draft fan, discharge anechoic chamber from the top of the outlet.

Vibration cleaning
Vibration dust collector generally adapt to the working environment in intermittent cleaning vibration cleaning cartridge to achieve the cleaning effect, the use of high-frequency vibration works only in the induced draft fan shutdown.