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Efficient pulse cartridge dust collector
The efficient the Shen flow cartridge dust is I plant after digestion of foreign advanced technology and development of new products. The cartridge, pulse membrane valve, solenoid valve, differential pressure gauge switch and controller circuit board all the selected foreign brand names (some of the components can also be used instead of domestic products, by customers choice).
The filter cartridge of the filter material, there are four material. The first one is made ​​of a paper fiber. The second is in the surface of the paper-fiber filter covers the thin film layer of a layer of fiber. The third is made ​​of a polyester fiber. The fourth is the fiber surface is covered with a layer of polyester fiber filter tetrafluoroethylene film layer. Fiber membrane layer of the composite filter, the barrier on the surface can be a great part of the dust removal efficiency is very high.
The cartridge filter is characterized by a high collection efficiency, of the 0.5μm dust filtration efficiency of 99.9%. On a 5μm dust filtration efficiency of 99.99%.
Cartridge dust filtration velocity of ultra-fine dust, easily selected <0.5m/min general coarse dust, easy selection 0.5-1.5m/min.