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Bag filter
This machine is a dry dust, when the dusty gas from the duct into the box

The lower part of plot after bag filters, dust attached to the filter bag appearance

Clean air through the filter bag, brought together after the upper box compartment to

The export of the double-duct discharge, due to continuous row dust bag

Surface will continue to increase the adhesion of dust, impact cleaning effect, then the operator

2-3 times per shift should be pressing the anti-hair push-button start blowback fan and

Transmission mechanism, the income of anti-hair to turn on each filter bag blowback

So that the filter bag the rapidly bulging, can shake off the area attached to the bag on the dust, when

Repeated several times after blow, time relay control, Anti-Hair opportunities

Automatically stopped. From the bag and shake off the dust down, and landed in the dust

The bottom of the dust discharge mechanism, and then unloading.